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    Three MiG-31B fighters were delivered to Bolshoe Savino air group
    Russian Aviaton » Friday January 25, 2013 18:58 MSK

    Three MiG-31B fighters have been delivered to Bolshoe Savino air group (deployed in Perm Region), RIA Novosti reports with reference to a representative of Central Military District (CMD).

    «Bolshoe Savino air group has taken delivery of three MiG-31B fighters", - he said adding that the pilots have performed ferry flight from Rzhev-based aviation plant. The jets were under going over haul in Rzhev. “All the aircraft systems have been replaced. Infact,only the airframe was not replaced".

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    The representative of CMD also noted that the air group will take delivery of the upgraded MiG-31BM fighters this year. These jets are equipped with the new armament control system increasing the jet’s target acquisition and target engagement range to 320 and 280 km respectively.

    MiG-31BM is capable of tracking up to 10 targets and attacking 6 of them simultaneously.

    "The fighters will join the air group’s alert force responsible for protecting the administrative, industrial and military facilities of Ural", - the representative of CMD explained.

    Citing the CMD’s General Commanding Officer of the air forces and air defense forces, major-general Viktor Sevostyanov, the officer reminded that the fleet of aviation units of CMD will comprise 70% of new-built and upgraded vehicles by 2020.

    According to him, Kansk air group (Krasnoyarsk Region) was re-equipped with MiG-31BM fighters in 2012. "The aviation units of CMD took delivery of 10 MiG-31BM fighters in 2012", - he concluded.

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