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    Sergey Shoygu decided to double the staff of Chief Command of the Russian air forces
    Russian Aviaton » Monday January 21, 2013 18:56 MSK

    Minister of Defense of Russia, Sergey Shoygu, decided to double the staff of Chief Command of the Russian air forces, reports. It was declared by the representative of Russian Ministry of Defense, Air Forces, Lieutenant Colonel, Vladimir Deryabin.

    According to him, “a number of control agencies intended for improving the task performance” will be restored.

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    The size of the staff of Chief Command of the Russian air forces was cut from 112 to 56 employees in 2012 in the network of reform of the armed forces. This decision was taken by the ex-Minister of Defense, Anatoly Serdukov. At that time the Ministry of Defense believed that the commands are excessive and transferred a number of their functions to the Military Districts. It became known in the mid-January 2013 that the commands will regain the cut down positions and functions.

    Sergey Shoygu decided in late-December 2012 to return the control of flying training centers to the Chief Command of the Russian air forces. Earlier Anatoly Serdukov intended to turn the control of these centers over to the Department of Education of Russian Ministry of Defense. In particular, this refers to the Lipetsk combat employment and retraining center. Serdukov’s decision incurred displeasure of the military, because they did not want to coordinate the issues related to the combat training with the civil specialists of the Department of Education.

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