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    The helicopter pilots of Western Military District started retraining for operating Mi-35 and Ka-52 helicopters
    Russian Aviaton » Friday January 18, 2013 14:48 MSK

    The young helicopter pilots of Western Military District (WMD) have arrived in Tver Region from Leneingrad, Murmansk, Smolensk and Pskov regions in order to pass the retraining for operating the advanced Mi-8MTV5 helicopters, different versions of Mi-24 and Mi-35. The flying personnel will start retraining for operating Ka-52 helicopters in March, press-service of the WMD reports.

    Pilot-navigators and pilot-operators of WMD have started the planned retraining. The theoretical retraining is being carried out by the combat employment and retraining center in Torzhok.

    «The pilots will study the arrangement, control system and operating procedures of the advanced vehicles put into service by WMD. Young helicopter pilots will study the control policy under adverse weather and different emergency situations, and all types of weapons used by the advanced helicopters», - press-service of the WMD explained.

    Each pilot of WMD will test his skills at the advanced simulators of the aviation center. These simulators fully replicate the conditions of a real flight. Using the simulators the pilots will be destroying ground targets using guided and unguided missiles, bombs and canons. They will also have to perform landing at different unprepared surfaces and under conditions of shut-down engines. Intense combat training of WMD pilots will help them reach an annual flying rate of 150 hours and more, the press-service added.

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