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    Iraq intends to acquire Russian aircraft and helicopters to the amount of $5 billion
    Russian Aviaton » Thursday September 27, 2012 22:14 MSK

    Iraq intends to acquire Russian armament, including combat aircraft and helicopters to the amount of $5 billion, reports with reference to Iraqi news agency Shafaq News. This information was confirmed by Russian sources.

    According to mass-media, Iraqi prime-minister, Nouri al-Maliki, should visit Moscow in October and several large contracts on delivery of Russian armament and combat equipment to the amount of $5 billion should be signed. According to the Iraqi source, «military contracts will include deliveries of Sukhoi and MiG aircraft, Russian Mi helicopters and other vehicles», bmpd blog report.

    The blog’s source from Russia confirms the information, noting that the first package of contracts with Rosoboronexport will have a total value of $4.3 billion.

    According to the blog’s information, it is planned to sign a contract on delivery of МiG-29М/М2 fighters, armored vehicles, air defense systems (in particular, 42 Pantsir-S1 weapon systems), 30 combat Mi-28NE helicopters, at that Iraq will in fact become the Mi-28NE’s launch customer. Presumably, the first package will include Pantsir-S1 and Mi-28NE.

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