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    Russian government will allow the transit of NATO’s armament through Ulyanovsk
    Russian Aviaton » Monday July 2, 2012 11:51 MSK

    Russian government has taken a decision to allow ground and combined transit (including the air transport) of International Security Assistance Force’s armament and vehicles through the territory of Russia to Afghanistan, Rosbalt reports.

    According to a document signed by Dmitry Medvedev, the prime-minister, on June 25th, the changes are made in the Government decree “About the procedure of ground transit of armament, military equipment and military property for International Security Assistance Force through the territory of Russia to Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and backwards”. The “ground transit” is now replaced by ground and combined ones, including usage of railway, automobile and air transport.

    As noted in the decree, the combined transit of armament is acceptable under a set of conditions: armament, military equipment and military property must undergo the customs transit procedure in compliance with legislation of Russia and Customs Union; an official certificate confirming nomenclature, quantity of transported armament and vehicles and their application field must be supplied with all the transported armament; the cargo handling of the transported armament must be carried out in the presence of customs authority officials.

    Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia was instructed to inform the governments of foreign countries and international organizations about changes made in the transit procedures.

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