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    The flight testing of Mi-24 helicopter with an up-rated engine is being carried out in Belarus
    Russian Aviaton » Thursday December 6, 2012 19:53 MSK

    The flight testing of the upgraded Mi-24V helicopter powered by the up-rated ТV3-117VМА-SBМ1V engines developed by Motor Sich (Zaporozhye, Ukraine) is being carried out in Belarus, Interfax-Zapad reports with reference to the President and Chairman of the Board of Directors of “Vladimir-Klimov – Motor Sich” Russia-Ukraine joint venture, Anatoly Sitnov.

    "The upgraded helicopter is powered by two ТV3-117VМА-SBМ1V engines. Mi-24 powered by the new engines has demonstrated significant improvement of its performance, first of all, in the area of climb rate", - A. Sitnov said. According to him, the flight testing of the upgraded Mi-24 are being carried out in accordance with the schedule elaborated by the Feodosiya-based State Proving Flying Center of Ukrainian Armed Forces during testing of Mi-24 in Ukraine.

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    A. Sitnov noted that ТV3-117VМА-SBМ1V engines have higher reliability, contingency power and longer service life. The major feature of ТV3-117VМА-SBМ1V engines is the increased power (2500-2800 h.p.) as compared to the base TV3-117VMA engine (2200 h.p.). The upgraded helicopter will be more efficient under conditions of high altitude, wet and hot climate.

    Mi-24 and Mi-8MTV helicopters powered by the new engines demonstrated significant improvement in the area of climb rate and power-to-weight ratio.

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