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    Russian government will grant the duty-free import of turboprops seating up to 72 passengers
    Russian Aviaton » Monday December 3, 2012 20:29 MSK

    Russian government intends to grant the duty-free import of turboprops seating up to 72 passengers, reports.

    The government has instructed the Federal Customs Service (FCS) to zero out the duties on import of some turboprops. The corresponding decision is recorded in the protocol of governmental commission on economic development.

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    Civil turboprops under the age of 10 years seating up to 72 passengers will fall within the scope of these new regulations. The protocol was signed by the chairman of the commission, Igor Shuvalov, on October 24th, but there is still no information regarding any documents embodying this idea. At present the airlines may import aircraft seating up to 50 passengers free of duty.

    It is understood that the corresponding documents must be elaborated by the FCS, Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Industry and Trade, Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Economic Development. The representatives of these agencies were not available for comment.

    At that, it is said in the protocol that the aircraft must be “placed under the customs procedure of temporary import until December 31st 2014 and for a period exceeding the specified date by not more than 5 years». Press-service of FCS explained that the aircraft must leave Russia upon the expiry of this period and then they have to undergo the customs procedures again.

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