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    Transaero is among the top-3 companies in the area of corporate charity
    Russian Aviaton » Thursday November 22, 2012 10:27 MSK

    Transaero’s program for corporate charity made the Russia’s top-3 following the results of annual study carried out by Vedomosti, PricewaterhouseCoopers and Donors Forum (nonprofit partnership of grantmaking organizations), the airline’s press-service reports.

    Transaero has submitted its comprehensive program to the competition. The program includes social projects on provision the assistance to the children affected by serious diseases, voluntary projects implemented by the airline’s employees and the projects aimed at improving the quality of life of the disabled persons. «The support of infant health service is the top-priority objective of Transaero’s charity programs. The carrier has been supporting children affected by oncological diseases for more than 5 years in cooperation with the largest charity funds in the network of “Back to the future” program. Transaero transports children from different regions of Russia and CIS to Moscow, St. Petersburg and foreign countries for free so they can undergo a cure in the leading clinics. The carrier is also implementing programs for rehabilitation of children after the treatment. Thanks to this project over 1300 little patients have been transported to the clinics. Over 850 children have undergone the rehabilitations after having oncological or hematological diseases», - the airline noted.

    The volunteers from among the employees of Transaero and members of their families are playing a full role in the implementation of the comprehensive charity program. People from different divisions of the airline have the same goal – to provide assistance to the children. The voluntary work has become an essential part of their life. The corporate volunteering program “A journey to the country of Transaero” joins together over 500 employees working in different cities – Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk, Vladivostok, Omsk, Tomsk, etc. The carrier has established the “Club of Transaero volunteers”. The program of private donations is being implemented and the donor events are held regularly. Transaero is carrying out special training for its personnel in cooperation with Regional Society of Disabled People “Perspektiva”. The carrier’s employees are trained to work with persons with reduced mobility. The airline is one of the authors of the corporate standard for servicing handicapped passengers on the air transport», - the carrier’s press-service noted.

    52 Russian companies, including branches of famous foreign firms have made the ranking of “The leaders of corporate charity”. The charity work of the companies has been assessed in five major areas: concept and strategy, approach to the charity, management and processes, results and prospects, transparency and charitable contributions. Sistema Financial Corporation and Katren Company are also among the top-3 companies in the area of corporate charity. Transaero has also come in second in “The leaders of corporate charity in industrial products and services” sub-ranking. The highest level of corporate social responsibility (AAAs) was assigned to Transaero by “Reputatsiya” rating agency in 2012.

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