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    The testing of a new engine intended for PAK FA will be started in 2014
    Russian Aviaton » Thursday November 15, 2012 11:52 MSK

    NPO Saturn has started the preparation of a new engine intended for T-50 advanced fighter (PAK FA) for bench testing. It was stated by Evgeny Marchukov, General Designer-Director of A. Lyulka Scientific-and-Technical Center, forming part of NPO Saturn. The testing of the engine will be started in 2014, reports.

    "The first engine will be assembled in two years and the testing will be started in the network of the engine’s full-scale development. This is a brand new engine, that is why its development is taking much time", - Marchukov said. According to him, the specific weight of the new powerplant will be 30% lower as compared to AL-41F1 ("Product 117", the upgraded version of AL-41F1S engine intended for Su-35).

    As expected, the life-cycle cost will also be 30% lower as compared to AL-41F1S. According to Marchukov, “the engine should be cheaper”. The new engine for PAK FA (also known as “Product 30”) will be distinct from “Product 117”. The first vehicles will be powered by the “Product 117” engines until the launch of “Product 30”’s production.

    There is little information about the new engine of T-50. According to preliminary facts, the engine will have increased thrust and fuel efficiency as compared to AL-41F1. Allegedly, the powerplant will have a thrust of about 107 kN in cruise mode and 176 kN in full afterburner mode.

    CEO of NPO Saturn, Ilya Fedorov, said in April 2011 that development of the new engine is running ahead of schedule and the first engines will be delivered to the Russian Ministry of Defense in 2015. The first serial T-50s should be acquired by Russian air forces the same year.

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