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    Rossiya special aircraft division will acquire five Russian-produced aircraft
    Russian Aviaton » Tuesday November 13, 2012 13:23 MSK

    Rossiya special aircraft division (SAD) of Department for Presidental Affairs of RF will acquire five Russian-produced aircraft by 2015. As reported by, Russian government has adopted a regulation on investing in development of Тu-214 and Аn-148-100.

    It is planned to allocate 8.85 billion rubles from the federal budget for manufacturing three Tu-214SR liners and 2.1 billion rubles – for manufacturing two Аn-148-100 ЕА jets. The liners should be put into operation in 2015 and 2013 respectively.

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    It was reported in January that Department for Presidental Affairs intends to sign the contract on delivery of Тu-214SR aircraft. The SAD has already acquired two such jets in summer 2009.

    The basic Тu-214 seating 56 passengers is a copy of Tu-204 aircraft developed earlier. Tu-214SR – the special radio relay aircraft was developed on the basis of Tu-214. It has additional power system, radio facility and fuel tanks increasing the jet's range to 10000 km.

    The fleet of Rossiya special aircraft division, which services the highest officials of the country, includes the following aircraft types: Il-96, Тu-154, Тu-214, Il-62, Falcon 7X, etc. The SAD acquired two Airbus A319-115CJ aircraft last year.

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