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    An-70 with upgraded airborne equipment has successfully completed the flight testing
    Russian Aviaton » Friday October 12, 2012 21:22 MSK

    An-70 military-transport aircraft with upgraded airborne equipment has successfully completed the flight testing aimed at checking the performance capabilities of the equipment. The aircraft performed three flights, ITAR-TASS reports.

    As reported by Antonov, the testing was carried out during the period from September 27th to September 30th. An-70 was fitted with new and upgraded systems: propfan engines, aircraft control system, wing-flap system intended for increasing ascensional power and crew environmental control system. The readiness of An-70 for performing the test program approved by the Ministries of Defense of Russia and Ukraine has been confirmed.

    The upgrading of An-70 included modernization of its powerplant by means of installing the modified engine and propfan control systems and the upgraded propfan in order to decrease noise level. The auxiliary power plant was replaced by a more advanced one, which is able to work under a wide range of operation conditions.

    Almost all the components of An-70’s avionics have been upgraded, including flight deck displays, due to update of element base and new mission needs. At that the mathematical models and algorithms of the aircraft control system and its components have not been changed. This solution assured the continuity of the tests performed earlier and the obtained results were recognized.

    The preliminary test program includes 20 flights. Experts of Russian and Ukrainian MoD will be involved in the program. Then the final stage of the joint state testing, which includes 75 flights, will be started.

    The crews and maintenance personnel involved in the program have passed training at the Antonov’s training center.

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