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    The testing of PAK FA’s engine are carried out successfully
    Russian Aviaton » Tuesday August 23, 2011 15:01 MSK

    The engine for Prospective Airborne Complex of Frontline Aviation (PAK FA) is currently undergoing initial testing ant the tests are successful yet. It has been reported by ARMS-TASS with reference to the head of engine’s development program, general designer of Lyul’ka-Saturn (Moscow division of NPO Saturn), Evgeny Marchukov. 

    "The initial testing includes bed tests and flight testing. It is the most laborious period by time and money. Some elements of the 1st stage advanced engine (117) were borrowed from development of 117S engine for Su-35. In particular, the methods of design and calculation, technologies of sophisticated elements’ machining, etc. 117S engine includes 80% of new parts as compared to the latest engines for modern fighters (АL-31F). The state-of-the-art automated control system has been developed for this engine. It will be constructed using Russian Впервые она будет построена на российской element base. The system’s architecture and the control algorithm are also Russian. We want to have a Russian element base, but we also have a lot of permissions for using the foreign one", - said Marchukov. 

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    According to him, “more than 20 engines” for PAK FA have already been produced. 

    "The engine’s characteristics have been completely proved during the bed tests. The estimation of technical characteristics during flight testing will be given by the end of this year", - he noted. "We must start the state testing in 2013", - said Marchukov.

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