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    Sukhoi Company has performed the state contract on delivery of new multi-role Su-27SM3 fighters to the Russian air forces
    Russian Aviaton » Friday December 23, 2011 11:14 MSK

    Sukhoi Company has performed the delivery of 12 new Su-27SM3 multi-role fighters to the Russian air forces. The last batch of fighters has headed for their garrison, the company reported.

    The fighters have been manufactured by KnAAPO named after Y.A. Gagarin in the network of the state contract signed by Sukhoi Company and Russian Ministry of Defense at MAKS-2009 air show.

    Su-27SM3 fighters have a strengthened airframe, which allows increasing of maximum takeoff weight by 3 tons and provides capability for using additional stations. The jets are equipped with new AL-31F-M1 turbojet engines made by Salut. The engines have an increased thrust and basic overhaul time and the jets are equipped with new equipment and weapon systems.

    The usage of new and modernized equipment provides capabilities for engagement of new air-to-air and air-to-surface missiles with an increased range. By means of new ECM devices the jet is able to attain a combat task under conditions of intensive reaction from the enemy’s air defense weapons. The usage of integrated data system has allowed improving the aircraft performance characteristics. The aircraft control and navigational equipment has been upgraded. The cockpit is now fully “glass” with four multi-role indicators instead of 13 pointer indicators. New communication system provides substantial secure communication with control centers and other aircraft.

    Su-27SM(3) is capable of performing strike missions using high-precision air-to-surface armament, including air bombs with satellite homing. Su-27SM(3) is twice more effective than Su-27S while dealing with air targets and three times more effective when interacting with ground targets.

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