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    Ten Mi-8AMTSh helicopters delivered to Russian air force
    Russian Aviaton » Monday December 20, 2010 19:42 MSK

    The Russian air force has taken delivery of ten Mil Mi-8AMTSh helicopters assembled at Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant (Russian acronym UUAZ).

    The helicopters will be based in the Korenovsky region near Krasnodar, south of Russia. They will be ferried there on 26 December. According to a Russian air force spokesman, the ten helicopters were delivered as part of the air force modernization plan. Colonel Vladimir Drik was also quoted as saying that the Russian air force also expects new deliveries of Ansat-U training, Mi-28N and Ka-52 attack helicopters.

    The Mi-8AMTSh is further development of the Mi-8/17 family which form backbone of rotorcraft fleets in Russia and many other countries. This version features improved navigation and targeting systems for night flying and firing. This version carries advanced guided and unguided munitions, guns and active self protection systems. It has a top speed of 260 km per hour and range up to 570 km. The Mi-8AMTSh can transport up to 40 people or cargoes weighing up to four tons.

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