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The new control center of Sheremetyevo airport
Thursday December 29, 2011 14:17 MSK / Roman Gusarov / Russian Aviation

The new airport control center (ACC) has been opened at Sheremetyevo international airport on December 26th 2011.

The presentation has been held by CEO of Shremetyevo international airport, Mikhail Vasilenko. Minister of Transport of Russian Federation, Igor Levitin, Deputy Chairman of Federal Transport Inspection Service (Rostransnadzor), Boris Chertok, heads of associated state structures and CEOs of Russian and foreign airlines have got acquainted with work and functional features of the Center.

«The airport control center is the strategic and leap-ahead project. Now we have a centrally directed system for organization, informatization and coordination of work of the entire airport and our partners. Its main objectives are increasing the managerial efficiency and operational efficiency in different situations, provision of high safety rate and high quality of service, provided to the clients and passengers. The Center’s construction has been carried out taking into account the experience of the world’s leading airports and using state-of-the-art information technologies and innovative solutions», - said Mikhail Vasilenko, CEO of the Sheremetyevo airport.

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The airport control center will allow organizing the joint work of all the maintenance personnel, passengers and luggage. It will also help coordinate the activity of all the airport’s divisions, monitor and manage the situation at the airport in real-time mode.

The coordinators of airport’s main production departments and representatives of partner organizations are working at the center on a regular basis. The Center’s activities are carried out using unique “Sinkhron” manufacturing database (developed by Sheremetyevo airport); industrial process control systems; Zeus, Groundstar and Ground Fleet Management resources; video control, security and access control systems; advanced communications; information acquisition, handling and storage systems; display and data mapping systems, geographic information system, etc.

The Situational Center (SC) also forms part of the airport control center. SC is intended for joint work of top-managers, heads of state bodies and partners of Sheremetyevo. It is activated only in case of emergency.

Sheremetyevo international airport is the Russia’s largest airport for servicing international flights. It is 100% state-owned. Sheremetyevo’s route network includes 200 destinations. Sheremetyevo has serviced 19 329 000 passengers in 2010 (+31% as compared to 2009). Sheremetyevo will service more than 22 million passengers in 2011. According to the annual rating, made by Skytrax Research (UK),  Sheremetyevo international airport is among top three airports of Eastern Europe by the quality of service.

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